Painless Schedule 2.0

Because software scheduling shouldn't be painful!


  • Intuitive, easy to understand interface means you're ready to go in minutes!
  • Track your original estimates and see how they compare to your actual time.
  • Sort, group and filter your tasks any way you like.
  • Enter detailed notes about each feature and task.
  • A complete history of all task changes is available with one mouse click!
  • Export your task list to Excel, HTML, XML or text.
  • Multi-user capabilities mean that your entire team can work together!
  • Complete help file and PDF manual included!


Painless Schedule is based on the article Painless Software Schedules by Joel Spolsky. It offers an alternative to Excel that can be used on small and large teams alike. The system is based around features and tasks, allowing you to specify how long tasks will take, who is responsible for the tasks, and more.


The screen layout is easy to use, and quick access to common functions is provided by the sidebar. You can quickly add tasks, add work to existing tasks, view notes and more. The user interface was designed to prevent any interference with the thought process, so you can enter information quickly and efficiently.


By simply clicking the + button beside the feature, you can quickly view the entire history of the task, from who entered it, to what changes have been made.


The powerful Grouping feature lets you view estimates by feature, developer, and more! Powerful data analysis right at your fingertips!

You have immense control over the look and feel of the task list, including colour schemes, fonts and more. Painless Schedule even prints the list exactly how it appears on screen!

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Painless Schedule is priced at US$35 per named user. Site licenses are available for $350, and allow an unlimited number of developers to use the system at one physical location.

You can purchase Painless Schedule online at DigiBuy. All major credit cards are accepted.

Some people have reported problems with DigiBuy. If you prefer, you can also purchase Painless Schedule at ShareIt.


Painless Schedule is available now. You can download a trial version, or purchase online at DigiBuy or ShareIt!


Support is provided to registered users free of charge. Trial users are free to send email or post on our support forums, however we cannot guarantee a response. We do try and answer all requests for support as quickly as possible.


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